New Year, New Fish

January 6, 2011

I’m not sure I like the phrase “user experience (UX)” to describe what happens when people come into the library. I don’t really like the word patron either, it seems rather clinical. Anyway Steven Bell‘s point is that libraries should think about designing user experiences that results in our patrons feeling a personal bond with the place. Without the place, or the library in our case, the user would have a sense of loss.

Users want ease, familiarity, simplicity and quality, in that order, in their UX.

Be memorable [in a good way].

A couple of ideas:

  • expand the Summer “Just Because You’re Here” idea
  • some kind of prizes at Reference – best question, 27th question of the month

I want to use the phrase”Hit the Wall” for something. I tell patrons that when sending them to the restroom. “Go down the hall, when you hit the wall turn left”

Just for fun: Penrose Staircase. As a game on WIRED

Bell, Steven, and Josh Hadro. “Fish Market 101: Why Not a Reference User Experience?.” Library Journal (November 16, 2010): 6-7. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed January 6, 2011).


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