Going Mobile

August 4, 2010

Just watched a webinar “Going Mobile” from Higher Ed Experts. Here’s what I thought worth remembering:

  • Constraints Never Come First – create, not convert [this means you can’t just shrink your website]
  • Focus on Context, Goals and Needs – tasks, locale information
  • Can’t Support Everything – cover as much as possible, avoid deliberately excluding users
    • Webkit Advanced works on iPads, iPhones
    • Webkit Old still need for other OS (Palm)
  • Educate and Embrace Others – but don’t wait; don’t expect perfection and everyone to accept
  • Keep It Simple – make it manageable
  • Types of content
    • Informative
    • Locale – maps to buildings, maps of building, parking
    • Utility/Productivity – events, directory
  • Widgets – Yahoo Blueprint, Flash Lite
  • Phonegap
  • Brian Fling, Mobile Design and Development
  • Possible content for our mobile site
    • Directory – offices, people
    • Admission status
    • Library
      • Hours
      • Airpac
      • Questions
    • Events
    • News
      • Law school
      • UGA
      • Athens
    • Class schedules
    • Point allocation
    • Registration

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